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    Timothy Eaton - Graphic Design, Creative Arts, Music & Song writing, and more...

Welcome to Timothy Eaton's online gallery and portfolio...

Here you will find examples of my artwork, both professional and recreationional in nature. My website is currently under construction, so more will be coming soon.

For now, look below to see a few examples of my professional web design work. Clicking any of the following graphics will take you to the corresponding website I designed.

Pancott Gymnastics
John Pancott Gymnastics Center
-custom WordPress site. custom designed layout, content. & some photography,

Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church
-custom WordPress site. custom css & page templates. some custom designed content.

Robb Holman
-custom WordPress site. custom designed layout & content

studio technology
Studio Technology
-comlete site design and construction. custom designed content.

Jay Gilliford Wood Carving
-complete site design and construction. custom designed content & photograpy.

plastic surgery partnerships
Plastic Surgery Partnerships
-complete site redesign based on an existing design. custom designed content.

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